Sintra Wealth

What We Do at Sintra Wealth

What You Can Expect

Our first meeting with you will be focused on gathering a snapshot of your current financial situation. We will use questionnaires and assess your risk tolerance as a framework to guide our conversation. We also aim to gather an understanding of your goals and objectives. Throughout the course of our conversation, we will share ideas in all areas of financial planning. We follow a process by using a best practices approach. To meet your goals and objectives, we will work with you to develop realistic financial plans based on what’s important to you. 

Our Areas of Expertise

We recommend that you meet with us on a periodic and frequent basis to review your financial circumstances, no matter what they may be. We want to ensure that you’re staying on the path to success.
We provide advice in the following areas:

Growth, Protection and Planning for Your Future

Overall, we aim to guide you in growing your assets, protecting your assets, and planning for efficient income tax situations. When you speak to us about your financial concerns, we may direct you to other professionals within the community. We can coordinate services from our established network of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and insurance brokers in order to make the best of your time and direct you to the right resources.

Sintra Wealth serves as a solid point of reference to guide you as you strive towards fulfilling your financial goals.

Call us to today to schedule a complimentary no obligation consultation to see how we can be your roadmap toward financial security.