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Income Tax Filing

Need help with your taxes?
The tax experts at Sintra Wealth can help you file your tax returns quickly and effectively.

Income Tax Returns processed and filed easily!

  • Professional and experienced Service; we are qualified to accurately prepare your personal tax returns, current with the latest tax guidelines
  • We complete returns for past years as well as adjustments for previously submitted returns.
  • We provide fast and easy electronically filed (E-Filed) directly to Canada Revenue Agency. Most refunds are received within days
  • We offer personalized advice regarding RRSP and other tax planning strategies
  • 10% Military, Student and Seniors' Discount 
  • Competitive pricing
  • We prepare and complete returns for all provinces and territories except Quebec
  • Home pickup and delivery available at a nominal additional cost

Top 5 Reasons to file - ON TIME

  1. Late-filing penalty and interest. If you owe money and do not file by the deadline, you are hit with a 5-per-cent late-filing penalty and 1-per-cent interest every month. Even if you don't have the money, file on time to avoid the penalty and pay what you can.
  2. CRA will do it for you. You may not owe money, but the Canada Revenue Agency can ask you to file your past tax returns within 30 days or they will complete them for you. Miss the deadline and the CRA will file your past tax returns for you with only the information they have on file.
  3. Applying for a loan or mortgage. Banks or financial institutions will ask for a copy of your last notice of assessment to prove your income. If you can't produce it, it could cause a problem.
  4. It's your money. If you are expecting a tax refund, it is money you have overpaid the government during the year. And there is no interest paid on it. So not filing extends your interest-free loan to the government.
  5. Triggering benefits. Payments such as the quarterly GST/HST credit, Canada Child Tax Benefit and Guaranteed Income Supplement are calculated based on your last tax return filed. Failure to file by the deadline means that these payments will stop.