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Estate Planning

What is it? It is the preparation for the efficient transfer of a person’s wealth and assets after his or her death.

Investments, life insurance, pensions, real estate, personal belongings and debts are all considered one's estate.

Many people think that 'estate planning' is for the affluent only. As long as one has a simple will, everything will be looked after. Although wills legally describe your wishes after your death, such as burial instructions, and distribution of assets, a judge has to 'sign off' on the procedure. This is known as 'probate' and allows relatives or any third party to contest the will. This can tie up an estate in court for years at an enormous cost in money, time and health of the beneficiaries.

So... an 'estate plan' should be considered by everybody (not just the wealthy!)

Many have said "Oh, that's what you do when you're wealthy".

People don't do the right thing because they are wealthy; they are wealthy because they do the right thing!

Why consider a plan? Without a proper plan (written signed and notarized) friends and relatives can spend endless time, money and energy fighting over your assets.

Discover how this can affect you and your family and friends!